A collaborative partnership
A collaborative partnership

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Lombard International recognizes that our clients’ financial affairs carry complexity that is best addressed when the professionals involved work in concert to plan, design and implement the various components of the broader wealth management blueprint. For this reason, we have cultivated a network of esteemed professionals with whom we collaborate to implement the insurance strategies we design.

Who belongs?

Investment management firms, family offices, attorneys, financial planning firms and brokers that have a demonstrable specialty in working with high-net-worth individuals whose needs might include strategic insurance are viable candidates for membership in the Alpha Alliance program at Lombard International. Membership in the Alpha Alliance is reserved for those professionals and firms with a proven tradition of service to the high-net-worth client community. Applicants may also be asked to meet other qualifications for entry.

Benefits of membership

Members of the Alpha Alliance receive full support from the professional staff of Lombard International, as well as direct access to our systems and experience. Other member benefits may include:

  • Access to our nationwide referral sources and relationships
  • Being featured in Lombard International national advertising
  • Enjoying prominent placement on our website
  • Having access to shared marketing and distribution activities, new and existing
  • Exploring creative co-branding opportunities

Most importantly, Alpha Alliance members have special access to the full complement of strategic insurance products available from Lombard International, including variable annuity, single variable life and joint variable life policies.

Will you share the benefits?

Please fill out our contact form if you are interested in obtaining more information or are interested in membership in the Alpha Alliance.

Alpha Alliance

Alpha Alliance

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